Thursday, November 3, 2011

Victoria Secret Models Getting Fucking Skinny!!

What the fuck happened to the so called "curvy angels". It seems lately that these models were the only hope of bringing the curves back, but they're just getting skinnier and skinnier. In the beginning of the Angel sensation curvy women like Tyra, Heidi, Stephanie, and Helena were filling out the bras and panties and a decade later you got anerexic, bony, skeletal, sticks like Chanel Iman, Lindsey Ellingson, and Alessandra Ambrosio trying to sell sex in lingerie to WOMEN?!!? Like come on now get real! The worst part about it is that there saying how victoria secret loves curves?!!? really like how can that be true when you have A cups and need serious bra padding.
"i'm more of a curvier model", says alessandra in a interview on victoria secret.
                   SKINNY NOW VICTORIA SECRET MODELS                             
Honestly these girls are getting rediculous, like VS is no longer sexy, these are no longer women just a bunch of anoreic looking girls. Is this really considered sexy.