Friday, April 27, 2012

Black Model for Italian Vogue!

Ever since the infamous black model issue of Italian vogue (2008) there hasn't been a black model on the cover yet (not surprising) even though that moment was supposed to change everything. Well four years later it seems like Italian Vogue has finally put a women of color on the cover Joan Smalls. She's a biracial Puerto Rican who considers herself black.
Here's the February 2012 Issue

A lot of Race tension has been questioned specifically on the stereotypes in this issue featuring, pretty much black stereotype styles (ironically a black girl on the cover of this issue).

Here are the editorial spreads, tell me what you think:

Crazy Lacefront
Ridiculous Footwear/Toe nails
Wild Club Style Partying
Wrapped Hair with Twix Wrappers??? (never seen that)

I guess this what they think of black people...thanks Italian Vogue. Even I understand the style, I don't understand why this has to be considered Haute Mess (Hot mess in translation). Regardless of the fact this is just another token black issue...with a token black the token black supermodel. Nothing new.

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