Monday, April 30, 2012

Token Black Model???

"There's an un-written rule in the fashion industry, that, there can only be ten supermodels and only one can be black."
-Tyra Banks 

This was one statement coined by the super queen herself, Ms. Tyra. But is this really true or just a myth? Hmmm.... lets take a look


NAOMI CAMPBELL (SUPERMODEL ERA) arguably greatest black supermodel ever



 JOAN SMALL or JOURDAN DUNN??????? (2010'S ERA) 

Some People would say Joan Smalls seems to be the leading color lady, and some argue that she is just another season hot chick and Jourdan will have the longevity. Honestly I think it's no doubt that Joan Small's career is on hot ass FIRE, but I hate to compare two girls based on skin tone. Overall I think Tyra's quote is pretty believable and also pretty fucking sad.
What do you guys think?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The New Supermodel Trio ???!

Seems like there's a top girl every minute of the fashion industry...the wave seems to keep going, especially at such a high pace, superficial business such as this. But I did my research and I seem to tally up the score of advertisements, covers, shows, and overall popularity and this trio seem to be making the big buzz.

Karlie Kloss (girl next door/feirce twist)

Joan Smalls (ethnic sensual beauty from Puerto Rico)

Arizona Muse (linda-like timeless beauty)

Could this be the new trio??? of the infamous trinity of the golden supermodel ages. I doubt, but these girls do seem to have a spark and edge that stands them out; like Karlie's incredible fierce walk even though I hate straight stick no curve body "repping" VS. Or Joan Smalls amazingly versatile transformable look, yet her average personality/face. And Arizonas amazing bright and alive photographs, yet atrocious walk.

If these girls had curves they could possibly become supermodels, but that package is rarely wanted in this industry sadly enough.

The Real Trinity

Old Runway Models vs. Today Runway Models

Comparing the fashion from the early nineties to now, is a clear difference. But one will notice the energy on these eras was a complete difference! Notice the fashion shows back than during the golden days, compared to now. They differ in size, attitude, walk...I'll let you be the judge

Fashion shows from early 90's

Today Fashion Shows

I like the older generation, it seems sexier, funner, and healthier. Clearly the goal of the designers change; while the golden generation focused on using models to give life to the clothes, today the clothes wear the models and they're simply clothes hangers.
Designers top concern is the models overshadowing the clothes. Do you think this is true, or do you think the its an overstatement.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sam Dauphin

Hey guys, this just a picture of me and little insight about me. Obviously as you can see my hair is a bit high and huge, doing a little throwback to the nineties. Anyway my main point on here about this blog is my inspirations, feelings, and things that I find interesting. Such as fashion, art, beauty, and I guess models. This was my first intentions to just mainly talk about modeling industry, but I see this as possible journal where I can branch out many of my other thoughts.
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That's me ;)
Now that all that bullshit is out of the way...I wanna be famous and I want millions of people screaming my name, fame is my obsession, performing is my passion, and people in general are my love. I fucking LOVE please love me back, by following me on twitter, my blog, and making me lmao. 
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Black Model for Italian Vogue!

Ever since the infamous black model issue of Italian vogue (2008) there hasn't been a black model on the cover yet (not surprising) even though that moment was supposed to change everything. Well four years later it seems like Italian Vogue has finally put a women of color on the cover Joan Smalls. She's a biracial Puerto Rican who considers herself black.
Here's the February 2012 Issue

A lot of Race tension has been questioned specifically on the stereotypes in this issue featuring, pretty much black stereotype styles (ironically a black girl on the cover of this issue).

Here are the editorial spreads, tell me what you think:

Crazy Lacefront
Ridiculous Footwear/Toe nails
Wild Club Style Partying
Wrapped Hair with Twix Wrappers??? (never seen that)

I guess this what they think of black people...thanks Italian Vogue. Even I understand the style, I don't understand why this has to be considered Haute Mess (Hot mess in translation). Regardless of the fact this is just another token black issue...with a token black the token black supermodel. Nothing new.