Saturday, May 5, 2012

10 Influential Top Models of 2000's

Gisele Bundchen
The last ultra supermodel left...this woman brought Brazil to the map, makes the most money estimated 35 million, and lets face it she the only model that can move through American magazines. She's the first to do the cross-over from fashion to mainstream and back again.

Karolina Kurkova
This girl cannot go unforgotten, she was the youngest model to be on the cover of vogue at the age of 15! She's blond hottie with her huge VS contract and her ability to do the crossover...she's KK.
Carmen Kass
Girl splashed into the early 2000's fashion scene with a bit of a twist. She had curves! Well for high fashion standards of course. But this women has broken many records with her huge contracts (can't forget Dior ad campaign) countless runways, and covers across the world. She even shared a American vogue cover with Gisele!
Liya Kebede
No one can forget this gorgeous ethiopian. How can you say the 2000's without her. She seemed to be a token black girl (like most black supermodels) but super she was. She had a million dollar contract with Estee Lauder and even had French Vogue dedicate a whole issue on her. Talk about admiration. Also her Haper Bazzar Cover sold really high (who says black models can sell??? pshhh).

Natalia Vodianova
This Russian beauty who started the "russian invasion" had the ultimate cinderella story. She started as a young girl selling fruits at a fruit stand to making mega million as a model. Appearing in every runway show possible including being muses of almost every designer, this woman seems to have a big footprint left in the fashion scene. She could never be forgotten. Neither those big blue sultry eyes. One glare can kill.
Daria Werbowy
Her career didn't bounce up out of no where. In fact she had a somewhat slow start. It took her about two years for her to get in, but once she was in it, she was bomb! She not only was on top of the fashion industry, but is that famous star face of Lancome. She's a true Canadian beauty.
Gemma Ward
One of the biggest stars to hit the fashion industry, this girl started the infamous baby doll face. And inspired looks like jessica stam, caroline trentini, and lily cole. She's an average Austrailian girl with looks that can turn a picture to piece of art. She's the model designers dreamed about this decade, a face that is easil transformable.
Agyness Deyn
This punk rock chic put fun in fashion. Her edgy fun look gave something designers can really play with. Her personality was very exciting and her looks in pictures were even more of splash, she was brief but huge.
Coco Rocha
This Canadian beauty sparked the fashion industry by dancing in a Jean Paul Gaultier fashion. She was spunky, bubbly, and made the industry actually miss supermodels. Talk about influence. She not only has the power to literally transform in photoshoots like Gemma does but she actually becomes an actor by portraying strong emotions and amazing poses. She's a chameleon. And speaks out on eating disorders that she once struggled with.

Lara Stone
Started off a bit rocky in her career almost quitting. But this extremely edgy girl brought beauty to curves, no apparent eye brows, and gaped teeth. She has a huge calvin klein campaign and pretty much took 2009 by storm.


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