Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Black Models on Supplement Vogue?

So recently newcomer Nyasha Matohondze, who has had some great runway season (except for the recent one, because of schooling) has made it to the cover of British Vogue!!! Oh wait no...sorry... British Supplement Vogue edition. -_- This is no different than Jourdan Dunn's supplement vogue cover back in 2009
I don't get why they have such an issue putting these girls on a British Vogue cover alone without the supplement. Don't they know that putting these black models on the cover would actually improve sales. It doesn't matter I'm tired of these girls getting half ass work that they don't deserve. Let these girls become top models.

Nyasha Matohondze- Supplement British Vogue cover May 2012 issue

 Jourdan Dunn- Supplement Bristish Vogue cover June 2009 issue

What a shame.


  1. You're totally right it's just political correctness

    1. exaactly but what do you mean political correctness?