Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How much more i-D covers Ms. Dunn?

I'm a big follower of Jourdan modeling career ever sense she's made her big break on Italian Vogue cover for the black issue. And as a true follower I've notice two things:

1. Jourdan has a consistant modeling career. (even after baby break)
2. Jourdan has yet to REALLY make her big break.

I say this because even though Jourdan is a top runner for fashion week and gets decent amount of bookings, it always seems like she just made it. Or she's almost there, but didn't quite get it. Other girls like Karlie, Joan, or Liu Wen have done it to me. But Jourdan being one of the very few black women doing well in the industry, I'd think she get something big already, like a big cosmetics campaign, the cover of Bristish Vogue, or a solo girl ad campaign for a huge fashion house.

Anyway's what brought me to this attention was her new cover of i-D magazine, which she seems to get a cover every year. The issue has multiple covers, but my thoughts are: "damn! when will she just be on the cover of British Vogue solo".

Anyway here is Jourdan's i-D cover history:

October 2012 Fall Issue
November 2011 Winter Issue
April 2011 Spring Issue
September 2009 Pre-Fall Issue
 March 2009 Issue
September 2008 Issue

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