Saturday, April 28, 2012

The New Supermodel Trio ???!

Seems like there's a top girl every minute of the fashion industry...the wave seems to keep going, especially at such a high pace, superficial business such as this. But I did my research and I seem to tally up the score of advertisements, covers, shows, and overall popularity and this trio seem to be making the big buzz.

Karlie Kloss (girl next door/feirce twist)

Joan Smalls (ethnic sensual beauty from Puerto Rico)

Arizona Muse (linda-like timeless beauty)

Could this be the new trio??? of the infamous trinity of the golden supermodel ages. I doubt, but these girls do seem to have a spark and edge that stands them out; like Karlie's incredible fierce walk even though I hate straight stick no curve body "repping" VS. Or Joan Smalls amazingly versatile transformable look, yet her average personality/face. And Arizonas amazing bright and alive photographs, yet atrocious walk.

If these girls had curves they could possibly become supermodels, but that package is rarely wanted in this industry sadly enough.

The Real Trinity


  1. Definitly the new trio : Karlie for the walk, Arizona for editos and Joan for attitude.

  2. lol I think this concept is interesting ,they seem to be very special models in this industry doing reall well...for weakness is a strength, I liked and saw potential in them before they got big it's crazy

  3. Joan... My love! <3 :-)