Friday, April 27, 2012

Sam Dauphin

Hey guys, this just a picture of me and little insight about me. Obviously as you can see my hair is a bit high and huge, doing a little throwback to the nineties. Anyway my main point on here about this blog is my inspirations, feelings, and things that I find interesting. Such as fashion, art, beauty, and I guess models. This was my first intentions to just mainly talk about modeling industry, but I see this as possible journal where I can branch out many of my other thoughts.
Follow me on twitter @Sam_Dauphin and of course my blog, and I will surely follow back, I see great discussions, topics, and new people coming. ;) 

That's me ;)
Now that all that bullshit is out of the way...I wanna be famous and I want millions of people screaming my name, fame is my obsession, performing is my passion, and people in general are my love. I fucking LOVE please love me back, by following me on twitter, my blog, and making me lmao. 
Trust me you'll love me regardless =)
live love laugh

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